Britney Spears Dead-Eyed Nude Teasing In Bed

Britney Spears nude

Mental patient and washed-up pop star Britney Spears continues her depraved rampage of teasing showing off her banged-out old body while staring dead-eyed into the camera in the newly released covered nude photos above.

Britney Spears nude ass

Britney Spears recently revealed that she believes that her father is trying to kill her… Because that is what 3 of the 6 voices in her head have been telling her.

Thank Allah that the American legal system released Britney from her Dad’s mental health conservatorship, and turned her over to those who have best interests at heart… Namely her Jew lawyers and the Puerto Rican pool-boy that she married.

Britney Spears nude

Now Britney is free to terrorize and torment humanity with her weathered flesh and freaky soulless sluttery.

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