Courtney Miller Nude At An OBGYN Appointment

Courtney Miller nude

YouTube star and actress Courtney Miller appears to get filmed in the nude while undergoing a thorough examination at the gynecologist’s office in the video below.

As a part-time “maidenhead inspector” myself, I can state from a position of authority that Courtney’s doctor’s methods are up to Islamic standards… And in fact I would not be at all surprised to find out that he got his medical degree at the prestigious University of Riyadh.

Courtney Miller nude

Although with that said the fact that this doctor failed to perform an exploratory fisting of Courtney’s cock cave as well suggests that he may have graduated from the lower ranked Riyadh State.

Courtney Miller tits ass

Regardless, Courtney Miller can rest assured that she is in good hands, and that if she ever comes to her senses and submits herself to Islam her pussy will be in order for when it gets pulverized by a powerful Muslim tunic scud.

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