Elizabeth Hurley Nude Photo Shoot Colorized And Enhanced

Elizabeth Hurley nude

Elizabeth Hurley’s formerly black and white nude photos from her younger years have just been colorized and enhanced in the gallery below.


Elizabeth Hurley Elizabeth Hurley Elizabeth Hurley

There is no denying that Elizabeth was one high value heathen hussy back in her heyday, and she no doubt took many loads of potent and pungent Islamic ball batter to her face from the powerful Muslim men of the time (Saddam, Osama, Khomeini, ect.)

The proof of this is is still evident today, for as you can see in the recent bikini photos below Elizabeth at 56-years-old still looks remarkably well put together.

Elizabeth Hurley bikini

Yes, Elizabeth’s age defying looks are a direct result of the amazing regenerative properties of Muslim baby juice. So let this be a lesson for all women that the fountain of youth elixir exists, and it is gurgling in the enormous hairy nut satchels dangling between the legs of us virile Muslim men.

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