Jessica Alba Nude Scene From New “Fantastic Four” Film

Jessica Alba nude

The video below appears to offer our first look at Jessica Alba’s nude scene from the upcoming reboot of Marvel’s widely maligned “Fantastic Four” franchise.

Only an actress of Jessica Alba’s talent level (or lack there of) would be able to star in a big budget film based on a popular Marvel comic book, and still have it be a tremendous flop. Of course the fault didn’t lie fully with Jessica, as producers did not properly utilize her as the “Invisible Woman” by having her clothes disappear… Something they certainly appear to have rectified in this new film.

Jessica Alba blonde

Yes, Jessica Alba is giving it one last go at being a superhero seductress, and if this “Fantastic Four” movie bombs at the box office at least Jessica can say that she put her best foot forward… Or more accurately her best silky smooth shaved snatch forward.

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