Zendaya Nipple Slip For Vogue

Zendaya nipple slip

Zendaya slips out her nude nipple in the video clip below from her recent photo shoot with Vogue magazine.

Of course Zendaya showing off her tit topper like this comes as no surprise, for the only thing that she likes more than pretending that she is “black” is parading around her miniscule mocha mammeries.

Zendaya nude

Unfortunately for Zendaya her nipples betray the fact that she is almost certainly 90% white…

Zendaya nipple slip

For not only are Zendaya’s milk valves not dark brown and the size of dinner plates, but they don’t have any illegitimate children suckling and swinging from them…

Which of course is a dead giveaway that Zendaya’s blackness is as fake as her romantic relationship with that twink homofag Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

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